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                Quality guarantee
                    Quality guarantee
              Changzhou Hengcheng Scale Co.,Ltd is spcilized in producing various kinds of industrial electronic scale and automatic weighing system. Some products developed by the company are world leading.
              Changzhou Metrology Management Industry Association
              Changzhou Quality and Technical Supervision unit of measurement to confirm compliance

              Tax Registration Certificate

              Business License

              Member of Changzhou CCPIT&CCOIC

              Manufacture of measuring instruments

              Sewage Discharge Registration Certificate

              Registration of foreign trade operators

              Explosion-proof certificate

              ISO9001 Certification Chinese Version

              ISO9001 Certification English Version

              Heng Wang Trademark Registration

              Heng Cheng Trademark Registration
              Address:Hong Zhuang Road 9#,Zhong Lou District,Chang Zhou,Jiangsu,China Contact Person:Helen
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