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              SCS Digital electronic auto scale
              Pioneering digital electronic auto scale: 1 million internal code,high precision,high stability and anti-cheating.

              Digital weighing is currently the most advanced electronic weighing technology. Digital auto scale represents the highest level of electronic auto scale.
              In the field of electronic weighing, along with the development of electronic measurement technology and microelectronics technology, electronic weighing technology realize digital weighing from analog weighing , represent the future electronic weighing technology development trend. The digital auto scale is undoubtedly the most advanced electronic auto scale.

              Technical advantage
              high precision: digital weighing meter with direct digital signal processing, get rid of the analog meter "sensitive area" defects, anti-interference and local adaptation is promoted to a great extent, high-precision measurement ability greatly enhanceed, realize high measurement precision of the weighing system.
              Strong anti-interference capability: because A/D conversion directly carry out in the sensor, sensor output digital signal, overcome the analog signal transmission interference , improve the stability and the resolution of the signal.
              Robert: fault detection , on-site determination the accurate fault sensors, automatic digital angular correction during installation, digital linear correction and independent sensor detection etc. more convenient concise and humanity.
              High stability: lower environment and sensor sensitivity requirement than analog scale, wider range signal processing than analog scale.
              Anti-cheating: pure digital signal transmission and processing, to eliminate the possibility of cheating through the changing of analog signal, strengthens the safety and accuracy of auto scale.

              The core technology
              Digital scale technology is essentially the technology extention from anolog scale to anolog sensor. And it's a successful technical application of A/D conversion technology in the field of anolog sensor. High professional and technical performance digital auto scale instrument technology and A/D conversion technology is the "soul" of digital auto scale, also the prerequisite of digital auto scale.

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